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Zyppah Rx Product Report

Product Name: Zyppah Rx

Created By: Dr. Jonathan Greenburg

Website URL: https://www.zyppah.com

Anti Snoring Method/Device Type: Mouthpiece

Zyppah Rx Overview:

Zyppah Rx is an FDA-cleared, self-molded, boil-and-bite oral appliance that is effective, safe and easy to use..

Like similar anti-snoring mouthpieces, Zyppah Rx works by holding your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep, which opens the airway in the back of the throat. This helps prevent loud snoring caused by the vibration of the surrounding soft tissue.

In addition to this, and what makes it unique, Zyppah Rx uses a patent-pending elastic (holds and stabilizes the tongue). This prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and further opens the airway to prevent snoring.

Zyppah Rx attempts to increases the odds to prevent snoring by using two methods to keep the airway open. But does it work? Lest look at the report.


Currently available on their website and by telephone, a single Zyppah Rx anti snoring mouthpiece is for purchase through two different offers:

  • One time Payment Option – $89.95 (With Free S & H)
  • 30 Day Trial Option – $9.95 for the S & H, then two Payments of $39.95

If you are new to trying out Zyppah Rx, then we definitely recommend the 30 day trial option. This gives you the chance to try it out and see if it meets your needs. If not, you can save money by simply returning Zyppah Rx within the 30 days to receive your refund.

If it does end up working for you, then next time, definitely save the $10 and the shipping and handling fees by using their one-time payment.

Whichever option you choose, doesn’t seem bad to us. Try it for a week or so and if Zyppah Rx is not for you then you have only spent $10 instead of $60. Oh, and don’t forget to post your own results at the bottom of this page so we can help others :)


Zyppah Rx In Use

In most cases Zyppah Rx is comfortable to wear. The customized boil and bite fit should allow you to adapt to the appliance fairly easily. Some may experience mild tenderness, soreness in the mouth and jaw area in the first few days. This usually disappears within the first week.

The only thing that may worry us here about Zyppah Rx is the patent pending elastic that is meant to stabilize the tongue.

While its main purpose is meant to prevent the tongue from closing your airway, we will have to ensure that it doesn’t cause any gagging issues.

We feel that this will not be an issue, but we won’t know for sure until we test Zyppah Rx for ourselves. If you have used it, feel free to post your thoughts on the tool below.


As far as effectiveness goes, Zyppah Rx tries to outperform other anti snoring mouthpieces by providing two solutions to prevent snoring:

Solution #1 – Zyppah Rx uses mandibular repositioning (advancing the jaw forward slightly) to partially open the airway. By moving the lower jaw forward from its normal position during sleep, you can improve the airflow and reduce the snoring sound.

This process is used in almost every oral appliance sold. Until Zyppah Rx, the only means of treating snoring with an oral appliance was mandibular advancement, but there is a limit to how far you can advance the lower jaw.

Solution #2 – Zyppah Rx uses a patent-pending elastic (holds and stabilizes the tongue). This prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and further opens the airway.The tongue, which is a muscle, relaxes during sleep. Zyppah Rx elastic stabilizes tongue, but supposedly does not inflict the gag reflex.

When combined these two solutions create a highly effective treatment to eliminate snoring… if these issues are the source for your snoring.

We definitely recommend checking out the user’s ratings and comments on the product as well as submitting your own findings if you have used Zyppah Rx before.

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