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Product Name: VitalSleep

Created By: The Snore Reliever Company, LLC

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Anti Snoring Method/Device Type: Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Vital Sleep Overview

Vital Sleep is a quality anti-snoring mouthpiece designed to allow the air to flow in and out of your lungs easily during the night, and this means your loud snoring currently ruining the quality of sleep for everyone in your home will disappear. It does this by gently pushing the lower jaw forward, which will open up your airway that is currently restricted.

The Vital Sleep mouthpiece is comfortable enough to wear without feeling queasy, and it’s also highly adjustable so you’ll be able to play around with it until it meets your requirements. More importantly, it’s been FDA-cleared so you don’t have to worry about putting your health in jeopardy wearing it when you’re fast asleep.

It Comes In Two Sizes

A lot of other anti-snoring mouthpieces might tell you they’ll fit anyone, but if you think about it carefully you’ll realize there is a huge difference in mouth size between a small woman and a large man. There is only so much a one-size-fits-all mouthpiece can do, and that is why Vital Sleep stands out.

The manufacturer realized this is an issue and they wanted to develop the best anti-snoring mouthpiece for everyone, so they offer different sizes for men and women. If you have a mouthpiece close to your ideal size, it will be easier to tweak to your needs and you’ll sleep more soundly.

The Mouthpiece Is Flexible

Can you imagine biting down on a hard piece of plastic and enjoying the feeling? Of course you can’t, and even if a mouthpiece is adjustable you’ll still feel restricted if you don’t have a little wiggle room. Biting down on something rock solid is also a good way to ruin your teeth.

Lots of people might shy away from oral appliances due to horrible past experiences, and if you’re one of them you’ll be pleased to know Vital Sleep is flexible enough to give you extra comfort. This doesn’t take anything away from its functionality, so Vital Sleep will still do its job properly.

Vitalsleep review - features

Vital Sleep Price

Even though you can choose between 2 different sizes, they’re both the exact same price. You can still save money if you buy more than one, so we’ll take a closer look at the options you have to choose from:

  • One mouthpiece – $59.95
  • Two mouthpieces – $99.95

Your Vital Sleep will be shipped out to you on the very same day you make your order, but the shipping times and prices will vary depending on which shipping method you choose.

For anyone unsure about spending money on something they don’t know will work, they’ll be happy to know it’s possible to receive a full refund within the first 30 days if it doesn’t live up to their expectations, but let’s hope you don’t need to go down that route.

A 1-year warranty also ensures you can replace your mouthpiece should anything go wrong, and the manufacturer is happy to give you a new one for any suitable reason.

How It Works

An adjustable mouthpiece still has to be set up properly, and it involves making an impression on it by biting down on the Vital Sleep with your teeth. Before you can do this you’ll need to apply the boil-and-bite method, which is initiated by submerging it in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

Once you remove it from the water being careful not to burn yourself, quickly dip the mouthpiece into tap water for a couple of seconds. Put it in your mouth and bite down for at least 30 seconds, and finish the process by putting it back in your cup of tap water. In less than a minute, your mouthpiece will be ready to slip into your mouth once you’re in bed.

Vitalsleep review - how it works

What Customers Are Saying

There are enough mouthpieces available to send your head into a spin, so what makes this one so special? To answer that question, we’ll take a look at what experienced users have to say about it because they know best and they’ll offer unbiased feedback.

One ecstatic customer had this to say: wow, what a difference a little piece of plastic can make. I’m experiencing high-quality sleep every night, and I now feel much more energetic throughout the day.

And this customer obviously wasn’t as pleased: I can’t deny the product is great, but my dog thought it was a chew toy and completely destroyed it. Thankfully they sent me out a replacement straight away.

If you can learn anything from her experience, it’s not to leave a plastic mouthpiece that looks like a chew toy anywhere near your dog. I’m sure she won’t be making the same mistake with her replacement.


If you buy any mouthpiece other than the Vital Sleep, you might not get the flexible plastic even if the others are fully adjustable. In most cases you would have to think long and hard before spending money on an anti-snoring mouthpiece, but there is a money back guarantee so it’s worth testing it out considering it could improve your life forever.

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