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Snore Buster Product Report

Product Name: Snore Buster

Created By: Brian D. Toder, Certified Hypnotist

Website URL:

Anti Snoring Method/Device Type: Hypnosis Audio

Snore Buster Overview

Hypnosis is the quickest way to eliminate problems related to your mind because it can automatically tap into your subconscious mind and offer you positive suggestions you’ll take onboard much more easily.

The Snore Buster comes in MP3 audio format and lasts for 30 minutes, so it has plenty of time to work its magic on your mind. As long as you’re willing to trust the recording, you’ll start to see results immediately due to hypnosis relaxing your mind and body until you stop snoring.

Hypnosis Is Perfectly Safe

A lot of people are scared of hypnosis, and it’s usually because they’ve seen someone barking like a dog on a stage when they visited a show. But you have to understand, the people who offer their services to the hypnotist are willing participants.

Snore Buster or any hypnotist in the world can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. When you’re hypnotized your senses are heightened and you enter a meditative trance, so you know what is happening around you at all times. Why wear uncomfortable anti-snoring devices or carry out exercises when you can listen to something relaxing and safe instead?

Your Partner Will Benefit Too

I’m sure your partner will be pleased as soon as you stop waking them up multiple times during the night. Even though they’ll benefit from your loud snoring sounds becoming a thing of the past, there is also an added bonus for them too when you purchase the Snore Buster.

They will also receive their very own hypnosis audio recording, and they should listen to it every night before they go to sleep. Even if there are loud sounds around them that would normally wake them up, their mind will be too relaxed to even hear anything.

snore buster review - for the listener

Snore Buster Price

Your Snore Buster audio recording will cost $47 at the moment because of the included discount, which is around the same price as visiting a hypnotist except you’ll be able to use your recording forever.

There are also 2 bonuses thrown in at no extra cost. The first one is the listener MP3 for your partner, and you’ll also receive ‘The Companion Manual’ full of extra tips and tricks you can use at your leisure.

The hypnotist is so confident his technique will work, if you’re not happy with your purchase you can ask for a refund within the first 60 days. Just send a quick email with your details and you’ll receive your refund without any questions asked.

How It Works

If you’ve been hypnotized before you’ll already know how it works, but to those curious what happens it’s simpler than ever to explain. You only need to lie down with your earphones in then you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Listen to your recording every night before you go to bed, and keep it on all your devices so you can listen to it anywhere even if you’re not at home. Encourage your partner to do likewise and their sleep will automatically improve too.

What Customers Are Saying

If you haven’t heard much about hypnosis in the past it’s possible you might be a little weary of the results you can achieve, so we’ll take a look at some things previous customers have had to say. We’ll cover both positive and negative comments to be completely transparent, because nothing is perfect and to claim otherwise would be dishonest.

Here is an example of what a really happy customer had to say: I was staying at a hotel on business, and I got a call in the middle of the night saying someone in a different room was complaining about my snoring. I started using the Snore Buster the very next night, and ever since then both my wife and myself have been amazed by how good it works.

snore buster review - the companion manual

And this customer wasn’t 100% pleased when she had this to say: my husband and I are absolutely loving the Snore Buster, but it did take me a while to use it because I was afraid of what might happen.

If you’re afraid of hypnosis it’s hard to begin listening to the recording, but even if this is the case you can still let your partner use their one and they’ll let you know there is nothing to worry about.


Nothing comes close to hypnosis when you want quick results, but it’s the ease of use that sets it apart from other products. If you’ve slept with a chin strap over your head or a mouthpiece inside your mouth, you’ll certainly know what I’m talking about. Before you keep trying different things to cure your snoring issues, it would be wise to give Snore Buster a chance because the money back guarantee means you’ve got nothing to lose.

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