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RipSnore Product Report

Product Name: RipSnore

Created By: The RipSnore Company

Website URL:

Anti Snoring Method/Device Type: Mouthpiece

RipSnore Overview:

RipSnore is a Australian made anti-snoring mouthpiece that has been around for over eight years and boasts a 98% success rate with its patients.

It works by holding your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep, which opens the airway in the back of the throat. This helps prevent loud snoring caused by the vibration of the surrounding soft tissue.

If you’re repeatedly woken by a dig in the ribs for your snoring( or doing the dig on those ribs), it would help to know if RipSnore actually works. So, let’s look at the report


The first cool thing we noticed about RipSnore is that it is not limited to only being purchased online! It can be ordered online, over the phone, and its even found in drug stores in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.

Nonetheless RipSnore online comes with two anti-snoring mouthpieces for $67. If you are purchasing from retail stores the price may vary.

RipSnore also has a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee which gives us a sigh of relief. Just follow the RipSnore fitting instructions and if you don’t see an 80-100% reduction in your snoring – simply return the device within 45 days and they will refund all your money, no questions asked.

On top of the guarantee, each device is also covered by a 6-month, full replacement guarantee to protect against manufacturing defects.

So it’s a little bit cheaper than competing anti snoring mouthpieces, and its available in more locations so you pay less on shipping if any.


The RipSnore device allows your jaw to move freely whilst providing the support needed to open your airways naturally. It claims to be the easy to use preferred device that fits your individual mouth.

The unique mold is supposed to provide the most superior fitting to help to relieve your snoring symptoms without the discomfort that pre-molded “out of the box” designs can cause.

One of the concerns we foresee with this device is what happens if you open your mouth beyond what you have the mouthpiece for?

This can be a problem as well as its results when you turn in your sleep and you aren’t laying on your back.

Hopefully we get the chance to test it out and see what happens.

ripsnore review


The guys at RipSnore are already claiming a 98% success rate with their customers, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

We think the biggest problem with effectiveness (as well as comfort) will come down to molding your device to fit your mouth. While RipSnore can be molded to fit your mouth up to 5 times, it will take some trial and error to see if it was molded correctly.

We definitely recommend checking out the user’s ratings and reviews on the product as well as submitting your own findings if you have used RipSnore before.

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