how do i stop snoring

How Do I Stop Snoring

This is our go to article for step-by-step no joking procedures on how to stop snoring. This is where you should start, if you are brand new to the snoring world! It provides videos and everything else you need to find out exactly what causes your snoring and which solutions help.

How Do I Stop Snoring?

Our Step-By-Step Process For Making it Happen

It’s a question that normally comes up after you find out from your spouse, family member, or someone who just happened to be around while you were taking a snooze. It can be embarrassing, annoying to others, and like everyone else you simply want it to go away for good.

Well, don’t worry, because you will be on track to answer that question today. Here are the items we are going to talk about:

how do i stop snoring

Why Do I Snore? – This is the first question you must ask yourself. In order to stop it, we must first find out why and what is causing it in the first place. We will go through different tests to find out exactly what causes your snoring.

Ways to Stop Snoring Based On Your Findings – Once we know why you snore, we can look at the various ways of stopping it, based on your findings, so the solution meets the needs and everyone is at peace and harmony.

Ways To Prevent Snoring In The Future – Finally, we will talk about some things that will help reduce snoring in the future, which may save you money and headache in the long run.

With these things broken down into three steps, you will definitely have your answer to “How do I Stop Snoring?” Now let’s look into why you would snore in the first place.

How Do I Stop Snoring Checklist – Step #1: Find Out Exactly Why Do I Snore?

This is where most people who snore mess up!
They never ask this question, so they try random solutions that have helped a friend, or something they saw on TV. Unfortunately when that solution, remedy or fix doesn’t work, they think that they have been tricked, scammed, hustled and played.

The good thing is that won’t be you today.

Why Do We Snore?

To keep it simple, we snore because our airway is being blocked, obstructed or pinched off when we breathe. This makes our mouth or nose work harder to force air through, which creates the snoring sound that we all know and love.

Ok, that’s great, but what causes that to happen? That’s what these tests will help you find out.

how do i stop snoring

The Tests

Check out the videos and text below on the various reasons why we snore. Simply perform each of the following tests to find out why you snore. Let’s get started!

The Nose Test

Not being able to breathe through your nose is an easy way to get you snoring. Here are some things you can do to see if your nose is the cause for your snoring:

While looking in a mirror, press in the side of one nostril to close it.

With your mouth closed, breathe in through your other nostril. Does your nostril that you are trying to breathe through tend to collapse? Test both nostrils.

If a specific nostril does collapse, try propping that nostril open with the clean end of a matchstick or a Q-tip. Is breathing easier with it propped open?

Below is a video of me performing the test…Enjoy!

While this is a good test to perform, here are some other things to consider when it comes to your nose:

  • Is it difficult to breathe through your nose? Try taking deep breaths through your mouth vs. through your nose. Was this difficult to do through your nose?
  • Do you have a nasal voice? You may have to ask friends who have a knack for hearing these kinds of things… I have one myself, but wasn’t aware of it until a friend told me. Another version of this is if you are someone who naturally breathes through their mouth over their nose.
  • Do you suffer from nocturnal nasal congestion (rhinitis) or any other condition that affects the nasal passages (postnasal drip, sinusitis, etc.)? If you don’t know what these are or are unsure, it’s best to get seen by a doctor and find out.

That’s alot of stuff to consider just for your nose! But we aren’t finished yet! Next up is testing your mouth!

The Mouth Test

This one is easy.

Simply make the “snoring sound” that you would make with your mouth open, then try to make that same sound with your mouth closed. The video below features me performing it like a pro!

Now while this test was easy, here are some other things to consider when it comes to possible snoring from your mouth:

  • Do you sleep with your mouth open? If not, then this area may not apply to you. If you are unsure, ask your spouse or family.
  • Another thing to consider is if you often wake in the morning with a dry mouth, sore throat or bad breath? All of these can come from sleeping with your mouth open.

Now while we can snore from our mouth being open, your tongue can also play a major role in your snoring.

The Tongue Test

The tongue falling back into the throat and blocking your airway is probably the most common reason for snoring. Here is a simple test to check that:

Sit or stand straight up and inhale a deep gasp through your mouth. Then exhale.

Now consciously push the tongue back into the throat and inhale again. Most likely there will be some kind of snoring sound because you are consciously blocking the breathing passage.

Now here comes the hard part: Do you recognize this sound when you are sleeping? If you aren’t loud enough to catch yourself doing this, ask your spouse or whoever hears you snore and see if they recognize this sound.

Another test you can do with your tongue to perform afterwards is… to simply stick out your tongue, hold it between your teeth, and then try to make the snore sound. Were you able to do it?

Below is yet another video of me performing these tests:

The Jaw Test

Tense jaw muscles or a narrow airway for breathing can lead to snoring. Here’s a test to see if you are snoring because of your jaw:

Simply stand or sit up and open your mouth as wide as you can! Next take two fingers and see if they can fit in between the molars in the back of your mouth.

Was this easy to do? If not, your jaw can be an accomplice to your snoring problems. Below is a video of me showing the jaw test in action:

Now while this is the last test we can perform at home, that doesn’t mean that these are the only things that make us snore. You may still want to setup an appointment with a doctor or a sleep specialist so they can see if the things below may cause you to snore.

  • A Soft Palate
  • Large Tonsils
  • Elongated Uvula
  • Chronic Nasal Congestion
  • Deviated Septum

Plus they will be able to give you an even better diagnosis on why you snore and how to stop.

So now that we know exactly why you snore, the next step in finding out how to stop snoring is to remove the action(s) that make you snore .

How Do I Stop Snoring Checklist – Step #2: Use Effective Ways To Stop Snoring Based On Your Findings

Notice that the keyword here is effective, it’s even underlined!

If you have talked with a sleep specialist, then they should already have you on a path to reduce snoring, so this is if you still need a solution to your snoring that doesn’t involve a CPAP or spending hundreds of dollars on doctor-provided devices.

So now we will go through different solutions and ideas that are meant to reduce your snoring. The hard part is now going through the trial and error The hard part is now going through the trial and error process to see what works best for you.

But it will be so much easier now, because as you know why you snore, you simply focus on the solutions designed to fix your specific reasons for snoring.

Ready? Lets go!

How Do I Stop Snoring Checklist – Step #2: Use Effective Ways To Stop Snoring Based On Your Findings

I just want to point this option out before we go into the different devices for snoring. Now, I’m not talking about jumping jacks or pushups for exercise. I mean things geared towards opening your nostrils, or increasing the spread of your jaw.

Doing exercises geared towards your reason for snoring can help in the following ways:

Saves tons of money from having to buy snoring devices – This is the biggest one in my opinion. Once you buy a snoring device that works, you’ll always be hooked to it. And unfortunately, they don’t last forever, which means you will keep buying them.

Is actually better for your overall health – Doing these exercises won’t create additional problems for you to deal with. Some snoring devices could create additional pains and new problems to deal with.

You can start seeing results right now – No waiting for mail, or getting your device prepared to fit you, and no shady products to have to return.

Now, you can go on Google and do a search for snoring exercises. Give them a try and see if they work for you, all without having to spend a dime.

Besides that, Blue Heron Health has a Stop Snoring Exercise Program that has all of the exercises needed to reduce snoring in one place (a total of 24 exercises), available instantly on PDF and audio.You can see my report on their product by clicking here.

They are broken down into sections and which exercises you should do depending on why you snore. It’s a one stop shop with an easy money back guarantee.

Besides snoring exercises, every other solutions is some device that you either wear or consume in order to reduce snoring. We will break them down by the tests we did earlier.

how do i stop snoring

The Stop Snoring Exercise Program

How Do I Stop Snoring: Nose Solutions

Now when it comes to your nose the main things you will be using will be nasal dilators. These basically open your nose for breathing and come in two forms:

Interior – These are the things that look like nose plugs but have slits so you can breathe through them. They are normally pretty simple to use and fit snugly into your nostrils. The main one that everyone seems to love is the Snorepin , which are $20 for 2 sets on Amazon.

Exterior – These are your nose strips. It’s the band that sticks to the bridge of your nose. The Breathe Right Nasal Strips are a perfect example of this kind of nasal dilator. They focus on reducing snoring by opening up your nasal airway and provide instant relief from nasal congestion without the use of drugs. They are also available on Amazon in a variety of packs, the best deal being 30 strips for $20.

how do i stop snoring

The Snorepin is a great solution to snoring due to your nose.

How Do I Stop Snoring: Mouth Solutions

Something that keeps your mouth closed while sleeping while still being comfortable is the name of the game here. The main two types of devices that are meant to solve this kind of snoring are chin straps and mouthpieces.

Anti Snoring Chin Straps – These are pretty self-explanatory as they normally wrap or are fitted around your head with a specific strap being under your chin. When securely held, this keeps your mouth closed, which in turn stops your snoring.

The hard part will be finding one that fits your head and your budget. They can be as expensive as the My Snoring Solution chin strap ($119 + S & H) or as cheap as The BEST Pure Stop Snoring NEOPRENE Chin Strap (yes, that is the actual name of the chin strap)which is Amazon’s best-selling chin strap and costs about $13.

how do i stop snoring

The My Snoring Solution chin strap in use.

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece – Now to confuse you even more, there are two types of anti-snoring mouthpieces: jaw holding & tongue holding. You definitely want a jaw holding one here.

Most of these have a boil-and-bite approach so your mouthpiece will fit specifically for your mouth. This type of device is the most widely used when it comes to reducing snoring, and like the chin straps, they have numerous types and models of these so finding one that fits you can be a challenge.

When it comes to which one is used the most, people from around the Australia region go with RipSnore. In the U.S. region, VitalSleep and ZQuiet have been in control for years. However the ones that have been mentioned so far focus solely on ensuring your mouth is closed when you snore.

As of lately, newer mouthpieces have been created in the hopes of reducing more than one reason for snoring. Zyppah Rx for example, focuses not only on keeping your mouth closed, but preventing your tongue from falling back as well. As more mouthpieces like this one emerge, the older solutions may need to make some “adjustments” in order to keep up and stay in business.

how do i stop snoring

Zyppah Rx is changing the game! It holds your jaw while preventing your tongue from falling back.

How Do I Stop Snoring: Tongue Solutions

Finding a tongue solution that will help eliminate snoring is probably the easiest one to look for, because there are not many options out on the market that provide solutions for this type of snoring. In fact I only know of two: Zyppah Rx and Good Morning Snore Solution.

And since we already talked about Zyppah RX, let’s look at the Good Morning Snore Solution.

Good Morning Snore Solution – This device is a tongue holding mouthpiece(that other type of mouthpiece that we we talked about earlier. Good Morning Snore Solution uses suction power to keep your tongue towards the front of your mouth, thus providing you with an open airway.

Many feel that while this device as specifically meant for the tongue, it may reduce snoring from other causes as well. However, if this device is not doing it for you, Zyppah RX has been marked as a great alternative.

How Do I Stop Snoring: Jaw Solution

Last but not least is finding a solution that reduces the snoring due to our jaw not opening fully. Unfortunately, there is no device for this issue, and ill have to recommend the mouth exercises again. This is the only solution that can be done at home that I am aware of that helps with opening up your jaw.

Still, exercises to reduce snoring are a cheap yet effective way to get the job done without having to put anything on or inside of your mouth. So let’s look into the last step in our quest of eliminating snoring.

How Do I Stop Snoring Checklist – Step #3: Ways To Prevent Snoring In The Future

While you may not be able to find or purchase the device you need, here are some tips that you can start considering to prevent snoring in the future:

how do i stop snoring
  • Avoid the use of medicines that slow your breathing, things such as sleeping pills and tranquilizers.
  • Avoid dairy foods prior to bed, as they can cause nasal blockage and induce snoring.
  • Stop smoking! This will reduce inflammation and swelling in the airway which is what happens due to the bad habit.
  • Get plenty of sleep! Doing this will definitely reduce the chance of snoring because you won’t be so tired when sleeping.
  • Sleep on your side, if possible, instead of your back. Sleeping on your back can increase snoring. Try sewing a pocket in the middle of the back of your pajama top, putting a tennis ball into the pocket, and sewing it shut. This will help stop you from sleeping on your back.
  • Exercise regularly. Maintaining a weight that is close to your BMI will reduce the possibility of snoring because you won’t have extra fat in the throat and neck area putting pressure on your airway.
  • Avoid having an alcoholic beverage before bed. These, like medicines, will relax muscles in your throat which can lead to snoring.
  • Take care of any chronic allergies prior to going to bed. If your nose closes up, it forces you to open your mouth, which can lead to snoring.
  • Elevate your head so the airway pressure will be reduced, thus eliminating snoring.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal before bed, as this puts pressure on your diaphragm making it work over time! Eat 3-4 hours prior to bed if possible.

I hope this material helped answer your question “How Do I Stop Snoring” as well as provide you with some ways to prevent it in the future.

Now that you have this info in your hands, re-read it again and more importantly, take action!

The reason why I say re-read it is because you may have more than one reason for snoring, and it may take more than one solution to stop it.

Furthermore, my answer for, “How do I stop snoring?” will be completely different from your answer when you ask yourself “How do I stop snoring?” and that’s one of the biggest things to understand. Not every solution works for everyone.

Thanks again for reading, and feel free to use the contact us link below to ask any questions or leave comments about the material we covered here.

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