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Helps Stop Snoring Spray Product Report

Product Name: Helps Stop Snoring Spray

Created By: Essential Health

Website URL:

Anti Snoring Method/Device Type: Oral Spray

Helps Stop Snoring Spray Overview:

Helps Stop Snoring Spray is a clinically tested oral spray formula made up of a unique blend of natural essential oils that is supposed to be a fast acting, effective relief from snoring.

Helps Stop Snoring works by re-toning the soft tissue  in the back of your throat, preventing it from reverberating and causing the sound we know as snoring.

Does the secret blend of oils in this oral spray really have what it takes to put an end to snoring? Let’s see what the report says.


Helps Stop Snoring Spray is available by phone or online, in one 2 oz bottle for $11.20 (after the 18% discount at the Vitasprings website). This one bottle gives you 50 nights of use if you are using it per the directions and usually ships within 48 hours.

One bottle is definitely enough to see if it eliminates the snoring, with a few chances for extra sprays if it’s ineffective the first time.

Unfortunately, Helps Stop Snoring Spray cannot be returned if opened. If you already opened the product and do not like the flavor or is not effective to you, you will have to contact the manufacture directly. From there, there’s no telling if you get that money back.

Compared to the other anti snoring products, it is relatively cheap to try though.If you decide to, let us know if it was worth the money. :-)

ComfortHelps Stop Snoring Spray

As far as the directions for using Helps Stop Snoring Spray goes, you simply tilt your head backward, open your mouth wide and spray three times towards the back of your throat and swallow. Then spray two more times.

The only things we can see (that you may want to consider)  is:

1) Is there’s anything in the spray that brings up allergies, or that you may be allergic to?

2) The taste of the spray?

While the majority of their ingredients are on the purchase page, the taste is something to wonder about if you are considering getting this oral spray.


Helps Stop Snoring Spray has one main plan for helping you stop snoring: re-toning this soft tissue in the back of your mouth, preventing it from reverberating and causing the snoring sound.

With that being said, it looks like the only way this product is effective is if that palate tissue in the back of your mouth that is making you snore.  If this isn’t your problem, then we doubt that this is effective for you.

Also, if you suffer from epilepsy, skin allergies, are pregnant, using medicines or other homeopathic remedies, speak to your doctor before use.

Hopefully we get the chance to test Helps Stop Snoring Spray ourselves, and at the very least, tell you what flavor it is.

Click Here To Visit The Helps Stop Snoring Spray Website

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