Helps Stop Snoring Spray

helps stop snoring spray reviewHelps Stop Snoring Spray Product Report

Product Name: Helps Stop Snoring Spray

Created By: Essential Health

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Anti Snoring Method/Device Type: Oral Spray

Helps Stop Snoring Spray Overview

When you fall asleep at night, your body relaxes, which is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good for obvious reasons, but it’s not good because the soft tissue at the top of your throat relaxes. Once you start breathing during sleep, the air you breathe in and out will cause the loose tissue to vibrate causing you to snore.

Helps Stop Snoring Spray will re-tone the soft tissue in your throat, and because the flow of air won’t let it reverberate your snoring sounds will disappear into the night. The clinically tested formula works great because it’s fast-acting, so a quick spray before you go to bed will ensure everyone who regularly gets disturbed by your snoring will finally be able to sleep.

It Will Last All Night

One of the main benefits this oral spray provides is the speed in which it gets to work, but there are other products on the market that do similar things. If there are many fast-acting formulas out there, you might be wondering why the Helps Stop Snoring Spray is different.

What use is an oral spray if your soft tissue in the throat begins to relax again after a few hours? This spray is also long lasting, so once you’ve sprayed it before you go to bed you won’t need to use it again once you wake up in the middle of the night because your partner is kicking you.

helps stop snoring spray review - back sideIt’s Made From Natural Essential Oils

Re-toning the soft tissue at the top of your throat sounds complicated, so I bet you’re wondering what kinds of unhealthy chemicals you’ll need to spray into your mouth. Is there anything in the ingredients you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near, even if it will help you stop snoring?

Surprisingly, the unique blend used is comprised of completely natural essential oils. I can’t go into any more details because the exact blend is a closely guarded secret, but at least you know you’re not putting anything dangerous into your body.

Helps Stop Snoring Spray Price

Oral sprays are a lot cheaper than other anti-snoring products, and if you buy your Helps Stop Snoring Spray from VitaSprings you’ll save even more because you’ll get it cheaper than retail price.

At the moment, a single 2 oz bottle is on sale for $11.20. You’ll receive an even bigger discount if you buy more than a single bottle, but 1 is all you’ll need if you want to test it out first as it will last for 50 nights if you follow the instructions on the bottle.

Unfortunately your purchase can’t be returned once you’ve broken the seal on the bottle, and if you do have any issues with it you’ll need to take them up with the manufacturer. It doesn’t matter so much because it’s cheap, and it’s also effective as you’ll see from the reviews.

How It Works

For optimal results, you should use the spray every night before you go to bed. Make sure you do it after you brush your teeth and it will soon become a habit because it’s very easy to forget if you don’t.

Open up wide and spray it into your mouth in 3 quick blasts, trying to aim for the back of your throat. After you’ve swallowed you should give it another 2 blasts of spray then you’re ready to sleep.

What Customers Are Saying

How effective can something be if it’s much cheaper than other anti-snoring devices on the market trying to help you achieve the same thing? The best way to answer the question is by looking at what a couple of previous customers have had to say about it.

Here is what one happy customer thought about the spray: my husband and I are finally sleeping better than ever. I’m so glad I decided to give it a shot, because I was a bit skeptical at first.

Unfortunately this man was frustrated by something: okay, it definitely helps you stop snoring. My main problem is the fact you need to spray the back of your throat, which isn’t easy in the beginning.

It’s a valid complaint, and you probably will have to get used to aiming the spray properly so it hits the back of your throat. At least he is happy it works, which is the main thing you need to worry about.


It’s effective and cheap, so there isn’t any real reason why you shouldn’t test it out. Maybe the taste won’t be to your satisfaction, but you’ll never know unless you try. The Helps You Stop Snoring spray has too many benefits to ignore it completely. Once your snoring becomes a distant memory you won’t have any regrets.