Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

These are the ones that focus on moving your jaw forward or holding it in a closed position in order to reduce snoring.

Snoring mouthpieces that fall into this category are ones like SnoreRx, VitalSleep, ZQuiet and others similar in design. If you happen to snore because your mouth is open when you sleep, then a jaw holding mouthpiece should do the job for you.

Don’t know if this is why you snore? Well try to make the snoring sound with your mouth open vs you mouth closed!

If you can make the sound when your mouth is open but can’t when it is closed, then a jaw holding anti snoring mouthpiece will do the trick.

Tongue Holding Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

Now these mouthpieces focus on keeping your tongue extended so it doesn’t fall into the back of your mouth while you sleep. Not sure if this is why you snore? Similar to the last test above, but a little more tricky.

You want to try and push your tongue into the back of your mouth while keeping it laying somewhat flat. Then take a deep breath in. You should definitely hear a sound similar to snoring, but the question is, is this how you are sounding when you actually sleep?

You’ll need the opinion of someone else who listens to your snoring in order to validate buying a tongue holding mouthpiece. If you are getting this device for a spouse, friend or loved one, you will have to run this test on them and see if it brings back the horrible sounds you hear at night.

As of now, we have only reviewed a few of these, due to the demand of the jaw holding snoring mouthpieces wanting to be reviewed first. But there are actually two that are being looked at, the Good Morning Snore Solution is the obvious looking one due how it looks compared to the others.

But another one that is trying to make changes in the way the jaw holding mouthpieces are made is Zyppah Rx. We say this because it tries to reduce for both ways of snoring by holding the tongue down while also keeping your jaw held in place.

Not too many people have tried it yet, but we can wait to see what your thoughts are about it.

So the lesson here is:

  • Find out what causes you to snore! If its your mouth being open, then a jaw holding mouthpiece can help. If its the tongue in the back of the mouth, then the tongue holding mouthpiece can be of use. And if it’s possibly both, try Zyppah RX.
  • Find a solution that have been tried and tested – There are so many versions, so there is no one fix solution. Find reviews by people who experienced the same issues and find out what they have used.

I hope this helps you in your quest to stop snoring!

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